Clare Boersma

Clare Boersma

Clare Boersma joins the Northern Compass Group as Executive Manager and Project Liaison.

Most recently Clare served in the office of U.S. Senator Mark Begich, where she managed all visiting VIPs and served as the lead for in-state events ranging from large-scale conferences to community town halls.

Known for inventing creative solutions to any obstacle, Clare was at the center of many critical operations in the Senate office including responding to constituent requests, counseling communities and nonprofits on federal funding sources, and juggling many, many calendars. Clare brings to Northern Compass Group an eye for detail and organization, and a talent for getting to the heart of the matter.

Born at Providence Hospital and raised in Anchorage, Clare is a UAA honors college graduate and a member of Rogers Park Community Council. She enjoys the challenge of baking new and different birthday cakes for her large extended family, knows how to knit a sock, and can dance an Irish jig.

Clare can be reached at